On-line membership registration process

The ID Office system has a new on-line service to apply for airport ID passess. Only approved companies  of Fiumicino and Ciampino airports can request their own profile activation.

Applicants can request access credentials with the following procedure:


  1. Submit an email request specifying “on-line membership activation request” in the subject header, to the following email addresses:
  1. Fiumicino: tesseramentofco@adr.it
  2. Ciampino: tesseramentocia@adr.it
  1. Specify the entitled company you belong to, the phone number and email address at which you wish to be contacted.
  2. within two working days, each applicant will receive an email specifying the place, date and time of the meeting to acquire the necessary credentials and receive the operational instructions.

We underline that also approved companies with their own credentials can authorise and accredit, for their part,  companies operating on their behalf following analogous procedures.

For any technical problem, please contact the ID office, sending an e-mail to the  above mentioned mailing address.